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4th Symposium on Solar Energy – Solar Concentration and the Future
(Languages: Portuguese and English, without translation)
Visit to HPS-2 Parabolic Trough Solar Field, under construction at EMSP facilities

Location: PACT – Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia  (38°32’57.35 N   7°54’40.33 W)

1st day – September 24th

9:00h – Opening session
Rector of the University of Évora – Prof. Ana Costa Freitas
Vogal Alentejo 2020 – Dr. Hélder Guerreiro
President of LNEG – Dr. Teresa Ponce de Leão
President of Estela – Dr. Luis Crespo
President of IPES – Prof. Manuel Collares Pereira

I – Solar Energy Concentration: The State of the art and the vision
9:30h    A Vision from the solar concentration industry – Luís Crespo (President of ESTELA – European Solar Thermal Electricity Industrial Association)
10:15h   Research and Development at European level, final conclusions of Project STAGE-STE – Julian Blanco (CIEMAT–PSA)
11:00h   Coffee Break
11:30h   CSP State of the Art and New Developments, the DLR vision – Klaus Hennecke (DLR)
12:00h  CSP State of the Art and New Developments, the CENER vision – Marcelino Sanchez (CENER)
12:30h   Linear Concentration Technology, Advances and New Opportunities – Manuel Collares Pereira and Diogo Canavarro (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
13:00h  Lunch
14:30h  Solar Fuels from thin air, where are We? – Dr. Alexander Muroyama (ETH – Zurich)
15:00h  INSHIP Project – Pedro Horta (Fraunhofer ISE)

II – HPS-2 Parabolic Trough Concentrators and molten salts as Heat Transfer Fluid and for thermal energy storage
15:30h   HPS2 – High Performance Solar 2 @ EMSP – Michael Wittmann (DLR)
15:45h   Challenges and solutions for parabolic trough collectors using molten salt as HTF – Mark Schmitz (TSK-Flagsol)
16:00h  Molten Salts as Heat Transfer Fluid and for thermal energy storage – Günter Doppelbauer (YARA)
16:15h   From heat to steam (electricity) – Jaime Paucar (Steinmüller Engineering)
16:30h  Heat Tracing – Purpose and Solutions in HPS2 – Peter Schmidt (Eltherm)

16:45h Coffee Break

III – Energy Storage: Alternative solutions
17:15h   Project NEWSOL – Thermal energy storage, new concepts – Luís Guerreiro (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
17:30h   2 Tanks vs 1 tank solution for thermal energy storage (Thermocline) – Thomas Fasquelle (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
17:45h   Challenges in the electric mobility management – Filipe Lopes (EFACEC)
18:00h  Direct Electricity Storage – Flowbatteries – Luis Fialho (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)


2nd day – September 25th

IV– Solar Energy interfaces with technologies
09:30h   SHIP Project | Demonstration of a holistic system of production, storage and direct supply of heat to industrial processes based on solar thermal energy – Ricardo Barbosa (INEGI)
09:45h   Quasi-stationary CPC-type solar collectors for process heat aplications – Tiago Osório (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
10:00h   Soiling in Solar Energy Conversion Technologies – Ricardo Conceição (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
10:15h   ECMWF forecasts of DNI towards a more efficient management of concentrated solar thermal plants – Hugo G. Silva (U. Évora – Renewable Energies Chair)
10:30h   Porous materials as volumetric solar thermal receivers in concentration systems – Germilly Barreto (U.Évora)
10:45h   Measurement and analysis of Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) in Southern Portugal – Afonso Cavaco (IPES)
11:00h   Durability of CSP Materials – Teresa Diamantino (LNEG)
11:15h   Coffee Break
11:45h Round Table – Solar Energy and the future of energy for a decarbed economy (Moderator: Manuel Collares Pereira)
12:30h   Conclusions and End of the Symposium – Manuel Collares Pereira (IPES)

12:45h   Lunch

V – Technical Visits
14:30h   Visit to Solar Field at EMSP (Évora Molten Salt Platform) – Herdade da Mitra, with the presence of the Minister for Scince and Technology, Professor Manuel Heitor

Brief presentation and words by

  • Klaus Hennecke – Solar Energy Director, DLR (Köln)
  • Manuel Collares Pereira – Chairman, Renewable Energies Chair – University of Évora, IPES
  • Ana Costa Freitas – Rector, University of Évora
  • Manuel Heitor – Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education

15:00h   Visit to the EMSP site: TSK – Flagsol Parabolic Trough Solar Field  (Project HPS-2)
16:00h   Visit to PECS – Solar Concentrator modules Testing Facility
17:00h   Sunset get together

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